7 Features to Consider for best Document Scanning Software

7 Features to Consider for best Document Scanning Software

7 Features to Consider for best Document Scanning Software

Information about 7 Features to Consider for best Document Scanning Software

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What is Document Scanning Software?

Document Scanning is also commonly referred to as document conversion or document imaging. Document Scanning Software is designed to convert paper documents into digital images, capturing valuable information, and saving it into paperless filing system for easy access.

These scanned searchable documents can be routed among a group or sent as an email attachment straight from the paperless filing system itself. Document scanning software solutions often provide the ability to store and manage documents that were scanned previously.

Why Use Document Scanning Software?

Here are a few key benefits of Document Scanning Software that may help you to understand the potential of scanning documents.

Document Scanning for Regulatory Compliance
One of the important reasons for document scanning is to make regulatory compliance easier. Document Scanning Software with OCR (optical character recognition) helps convert paper documents into full-text searchable PDFs in a paperless filing system for easy retrieval.

Document Scanning for Legal Discovery
Organizations must maintain all vital and legal documents for the discovery of documents. Document Scanning Software helps to convert the discovery documents into digital files allowing speedy information retrieval with instant search. This may allow you to answer bigger and tougher cases quickly.

Document Scanning for Record Management
Handling records takes up a lot of time and money in terms of storage space, printing, filing, and staffing to maintain an organized record system. Document Scanning Software can help an organization to control the creation of records and retain only those records that are needed or are active. After creating digital versions, organizations will be able to destroy originals if retention rules are not applicable to them. This controls the growth of physical records and saves considerable expenses by reducing storage space, operating costs, and improving the efficiency of employees.

Document Scanning for Sharing Documents
Document Scanning Software empowers you to quickly scan batches of documents and save them in different formats in a centralized paperless filing system. Scanning business documents into digital format makes it easy for sharing and collaboration eradicating photocopies and duplication of paper documents.


Who Uses Document Scanning Software?

From corporations to government, healthcare to finance industry, managing the flow of paper documents is an immense, complex, and important task. For instance, when a vendor emails an invoice or sends in a paper invoice, the receiving company needs to process the invoice through several steps before it is paid off. Document Scanning Software can scan invoices on arrival and digitally route them for AP approval process. Document Scanning Software solutions can help multiple teams within an organization, from an accountant receiving invoices from vendors to an HR executive sending an offer letter to a new hire. These solutions can streamline the scanning process and save time and money that would be spent on massive amounts of paper. Document scanning software typically works in tandem with document management software to ensure documents are stored, organized, and managed securely.


What are the key features for selecting best Document Scanning Software?

The key to competent document scanning software is using as many automation features as possible to eliminate or reduce manual indexing while making your documents fully searchable.

1. Barcodes: The best method to do this is with Barcodes, since these can be recognized and captured with an extremely high rate of accuracy and speed offering an incredibly low possibility of errors.

2. Optical Character Recognition: OCR can be used to recognize text in scanned (image-based) documents and convert it into searchable PDFs.

3. Zone OCR: Recognizes machine print text from preset zones in scanned documents for automatic indexing.

4. AI Data Capture: Data Capture intelligently recognizes data that appears in different regions on the scanned documents for automatic capture of important data.

5. Image Quality: Control image quality of post-scan documents with rescanning capabilities.

6. PDF Editing: Ability to split, merge, append new scan pages and add annotations to existing scanned documents.

7. Easy to Use: The user experience should also be strongly well-thought-out along with other features. Easy user interface design will save your time in setting up, supporting, and training, while providing your team with a more efficient interface for their daily work.

There is always a difference in price and pricing structure among the different software depending on the functionality and versatility.

Docsvault, a document management software includes built-in document scanning software that simplifies the document scanning process and document management. On the other hand, Kodak Capture Pro, Kofax Express, and IRISPowerscan are divided according to scanner speed, with the latter having a few optional features as well. Docsvault document scanning software has one price regardless of scanner speed or volume. Features like OCR, barcode reader, zone OCR, and automatic data capture come as optional modules. This becomes more economical if you do not need the full sets of scanning features but would still prefer high-speed scanning with an easy-to-use interface. 

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