Blue Teams and Red Teams: How Do They Work Together?

Blue Teams and Red Teams: How Do They Work Together?

Blue Teams and Red Teams: How Do They Work Together?

Information about Blue Teams and Red Teams: How Do They Work Together?

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Red and blue teams play a critical role in defending organizations from unexpected cyberattacks that threaten sensitive customer data, trade secrets, and business communication. Red teams are experts in offensive attacks that exploit system vulnerabilities and break organizational defenses.

On the other hand, blue teams are defensive and tasked with maintaining system defenses from cyberattacks. Collaboration between red and blue teams provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

What Are Red Teams?

As mentioned, the red team features cyber security professionals who help businesses overcome cyber threats. The team comprises ethical hackers who specialize in evaluating an organization’s cyber security systems objectively. Red teams use various techniques to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in processes, technologies, and even employees that can allow malicious players to access sensitive data.

Based on these simulated attacks, the team gives recommendations and the best ways to strengthen an organizations’ security infrastructure. Depending on the strength of your security posture, red teams may spend a lot more time planning and searching for vulnerabilities than time spent executing the attacks.

Red teams begin by learning your cyber security infrastructure to locate potential areas that can be exploited. After identifying possible vulnerabilities, the red team tries exploiting these weaknesses to access your systems and network. Typically, red teams try using the privilege escalation technique, which involves stealing the credentials of an administrator with the greatest or highest access to critical information. Some examples of red team scenarios include:

  • Social engineering

  • Penetration testing or ethical hacking. Here, the team tries gaining access to systems by bypassing security protocols, such as encryption

  • Phishing scams

  • Card cloning

  • Intercepting communication tools

What Are Blue Teams?

The blue team comprises cyber security professionals with an in-depth understanding of an organization’s cyber security infrastructure and strategy. The primary goal of blue teams is to protect companies from cyber threats by strengthening security measures and eliminating compromises.

Unlike the red team, the blue team gathers data on what needs to be protected and carries out a thorough risk assessment. They then upgrade system controls through various ways, such as introducing two-factor authentication, strong password policies, and educating employees on cyber security procedures.

Blue teams also use monitoring tools to check for unusual system activity and perform regular checks, such as DNS audits and network vulnerability scans. Other exercises done by blue teams include;

  • Deploying IPS and IDS software

  • Rolling out digital footprint analysis

  • Installing firewalls and antivirus solutions.

Blue teams provide various recommendations based on their assessment findings. For instance, they may suggest the installation of additional firewalls to mitigate access to internal networks or security awareness training to minimize the risks of social engineering.

Blue and Red Teams Should Work Together

Extensive communication and collaboration between the blue and red teams are important for a successful cyber security strategy. The red team should keep tabs with and advise the blue team on new cyber security threats and techniques hackers use. Similarly, blue teams should stay updated on new technologies for improving network and system security. Both teams should work together to develop and implement strong cybersecurity controls.

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