How and where to use Embeddings in AI?

How and where to use Embeddings in AI?

Information about How and where to use Embeddings in AI?

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Does handling voluminous data to train your machine learning model give you nightmares? Do you know there is a way to find out similar song? Do you know how friendship recommendations in social networks work? I bet, this blog is worth a read then.INTRODUCTIONThe world of ML/AI has so evolved that it has started serving the sector of healthcare, security, life sciences, and other domains. Eradicating time and manpower, AI solutions company has become self-sufficient. This technology has contributed to the various verticals of analytics such as data, text, image, and video analytics making it eligible to work with doctors and other healthcare professionals.Building deep learning models won’t be a challenge anymore if right input(data) with the capability of handling huge volumes is there. Sometimes, data is such big that it becomes difficult to train or predict ultimately. Building machine learning models give pain when dealing with huge data to train. Hence, embeddings come into the picture. Also, embeddings again come into picture when you intend to conclude the similarity between two items. Before coming over your curiosity about it, let’s glance at the following topics we will go through.Milestones
What is embedding?
Usage of embeddings in AI
How to …

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