Taking Low-Code to the Next Level

Taking Low-Code to the Next Level

Taking Low-Code to the Next Level

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A significant amount of both media attention and venture capital money has recently been given to low-code and no-code tools that focus on the areas of analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence. This blog will review the value propositions of low-code tools, discuss why the low-code trend really isn’t new, and will then discuss how some companies are taking the concept to the next level. This topic is also highlighted in IIA’s 2022 Predictions and Priorities webinar and research brief.Reviewing The Low-Code/No-Code Value PropositionsThere are several core value propositions of low-code/no-code toolsets. The one that typically gets the most attention is the way that these tools enable a broader spectrum of people to make use of analytics through the use of point and click environments that they are comfortable with while allowing them to avoid having to actually write complex code.Equally important, and often undervalued, is the way that low-code/no-code toolsets enable higher levels of efficiency and consistency for experts. When experts can quicky grab pre-packaged, pre-tested objects and easily drop them into their own processes, it not only saves them coding but also ensures that they are applying logic consistently.Bringing these first two benefits together leads to a third …

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