Top 7 Challenges in Scaling Agile

Top 7 Challenges in Scaling Agile

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Scaling agile is the process of taking proven agile methods, like scrum and kanban, and using them with a more extensive diverse set of people in larger groups. Traditionally, agile works best in groups that are no bigger than 11 people.Companies succeed by allowing small groups of employees to define their own goals and design products. They eventually want to apply the same freedoms and successes to a more extensive department. Unfortunately, this is where most companies run into trouble: their people lack consistent motivation and rely too heavily on their managers for instruction. This is where scaling Agile comes in.Challenges in Scaling AgileTransforming the thoughts and execution of work on an organizational level is quite a difficult task. Even most experienced Agile software developers and forward-thinking enterprises face trouble while scaling Agile. Below are some of the hurdles that an organization faces when it comes to scaling agile principles and practices: 1. Lack of Long Term PlanningGenerally, the agile development team implements the SAFe agile methodology to improve their product backlog to two to three iterations. The product marketing team usually releases the product and performs a high-level roadmap of 12-18 months. Later they co-operate on …

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